Senin, 01 Oktober 2007

RI to promote trade, investment, tourism, culture and arts potentials at Perth Royal Show

Brisbane (ANTARA News) - Indonesia will take part as guest nation in the annual `Perth Royal Show 2007` (PRS) to be held at Mt. Claremont Showground, Perth, from September 29 to October 6, Deputy to the Indonesian Consul for Information Affairs in Perth, Ricky Suhendar said on Wednesday.Speaking to ANTARA through the phone from Perth, Ricky said that Indonesia will take part in the show to promote its trade, investment, tourism, culture and arts potentials.Indonesia will be represented in the show by Bali`s and East Java`s regional governments, Jakarta`s and West Nusa Tenggara`s tourism services, Guruh Soekarnoputra`s Kinarya arts Group, Indofood company, BHP Billiton, Batik House, the Indonesian Arts Conscience Group and national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.The election of Indonesia as guest nation in the show which has been held annually in the summer since 1831, was confirmed through an official letter of West Australia`s Premier Alan Carpenter MLA."Japan (previous year`s guest nation) transferred the guest nation status to Indonesia on October 7, 2006," Ricky said.The PRS was initially intended to serve as a means of promoting West Australia`s husbandry and agricultural products but in its later developments, entertainment, education and information on environment and technology were also included, Ricky said. (*)Source: ANTARA News

How Can Anti-Virus Software Keep My Data Safe?

It’s getting harder everyday to protect your data from the dangers posed by computer viruses. These malicious programs have evolved into multiple forms and can be contracted through a variety of ways, including opening email attachments, clicking on spam or by visiting corrupt websites.
Fortunately, just as viruses have grown in strength and complexity over the years, so also have the tools used to combat them. With the latest generation of anti-virus software, you can give your computer a level of protection never before possible.
Today’s best anti-virus software come with multiple virus scans, allowing you to schedule scans in advance, giving you access to a variety of location-specific scans and even real-time scanning, which scan your computer every few minutes for viruses—stopping them before they can do damage.
And, since new viruses are being created everyday, the most effective anti-virus programs offers convenient virus updates. Some software even offer automatic updates, which regularly and automatically check back with the manufacturer for information on new viruses, providing you the highest-level of protection at all times.
However, undeniably, the most valuable thing that today’s anti-virus software brings to its consumers is plain, good-old-fashion peace of mind.
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